Section 8: Getting press office, professional services and research teams to work together for impact

This section covers:

  1. Working more effectively together across teams

  2. Increasing researcher engagement



  • To work more effectively together, both press offices and professional services teams working on impact need more capacity, including new skills and staff, training by each team for the other, more regular engagement between the two groups, and more regular engagement with researchers pro-actively at earlier stages in the research cycle follow up with them

  • More regular and earlier engagement with key researchers may be able to better align media engagement opportunities with research and impact goals, incentivising deeper and more regular engagement from these researchers

  • There are many other ways to motivate researchers to engage more with press offices to achieve impact, including the creation of case studies where media engagement led to significant impacts, explicit discussion of career progression benefits based on case studies of researchers whose careers benefited from media exposure, and helping collect evidence that media engagement led to significant impacts (not just reach)

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