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We run training for researchers from every discipline, from Ph.D. students to Professors, from departmental away days to cross-institution training days. We have trained >8000 researchers from >200 institutions in 55 countries and offer face-to-face training across the world from the UK to Australia. Our mission is to change the way researchers generate and share knowledge so that their ideas can change the world.

Fast Track Impact has moved all training online permanently in response to Coronavirus and climate change. Attending a well-run online course with colleagues is a great way to maintain morale and inspire researchers to apply what they’ve learned as they work from home more and more. Read our online COVID and beyond newsletter here.

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Most of our courses can be run as 1 hour, 90 minute and 2 hour stand-alone online courses or arranged as a weekly or monthly series.

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"When Prof Mark Reed came and did an impact workshop at the University recently, the transformative effect he had on the audience was wonderful to behold. I could almost see eyes lighting up and weights being lifted as he spoke. To many, ‘impact’ is an intimidating mountain they have been asked to climb, and a considerable number don’t feel that they have the necessary tools or map to do so. Reed was like an experienced guide at basecamp, handing out the crampons, the rope and the carabiners, sketching out the best route to the top, and then stepping back with arms thrown wide, inviting them to take the first steps."

Phil Ward,  Deputy Director of Research Services at University of Kent
and award winning blogger at Research Fundermentals

As a full-time Professor and Centre lead at SCUR, Mark is only able to do a limited number of trainings per month, so training opportunities book up fast during the most popular periods. It is worth booking ahead to avoid disappointment.
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We've trained >8000 researchers from >200 institutions in 55 countries: