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Influencing Policy

This course is based on research by Prof Reed and the latest evidence on how to get research evidence into policy. Drawing on his own research and extensive experience working with UK and overseas Governments and the United Nations, Prof Reed takes a unique relational approach to working with policy-makers that can be adapted to any Government or organization. 


The course starts with tools to plan policy impacts more effectively and efficiently, before introducing tools policy briefs, with an exercise to consider how to create an effective brief. Then, Prof Reed considers how researchers can go beyond their contribution to consultations and inquiries to affect change from the bottom up and the top down via more informal channels. The course gives participants an opportunity to debate and consider their own ethical boundaries, so they are able to safely become more relational and hence more impactful without crossing red lines. The session concludes with a consideration of how to evidence impacts of research on policy. 


Key benefits:

  • Discover quick and easy tools you can use immediately to:

    • Prioritise which policy actors to engage with first and how to instantly get their attention

    • Create a powerful impact plan that will guarantee your research makes a difference without wasting your time

  • Learn how to design an effective policy brief 

  • Pitch evidence-based policy options powerfully in meetings and seminars 

  • Learn how to get your research into policy, wherever you work in the world, by building trust and working with intermediaries 

  • Track, evaluate and evidence policy impacts, discovering time-efficient ways to keep track of impacts as they arise, and design an impact evaluation that convincingly attributes impacts to your research 

  • Be inspired by primary research and case studies that illustrate each point


After the workshop, Prof Reed continues to answer all questions from participants via email after the course. 

Download a sample agenda

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Prof Mark Reed is a recognized international expert in impact research with >150 publications that have been cited >15,000 times. He holds a Research England & N8 funded Chair at Newcastle University, is research lead for an international charity and has won awards for the impact of his research.

What people are saying about this course:


“I enjoyed getting more honest insights on influencing policy – not just doing it all 'by the book'"


“I loved the practical tips based on Mark’s experience.” 

"Enlightening and entertaining"

"Fascinating. Impressed and feel lucky to have been able to hear from someone with your level of experience and impact. Amazing that you are making yourself available to help others like this."

"Friendly approach made it easy to contribute to discussions"


“I liked the focus on risks and ethics”


“I will now try to cultivate relationships with policymakers”


“I will think harder about the policy process the work is feeding into”


“I will think more carefully about how to draft policy briefings”


“The examples of impact pathways and policy briefs were useful”


“Q&A periods were fab. Loved the self-deprecating anecdotes and instances of failure as well as success. Policy discussion exercises were fun. Excellent day – thanks.”


“I am going to organise a range of policy impact activities. I will read the book more and apply what is useful.”


“I will be more confident/proactive in terms of presenting my research to relevant policymakers”

"Most courses say "do this" but don't often say how. As an early PhD student, this course has provided a number of tools to change how I will approach impact"

"Thank you for a thought-provoking and reflective day. Very productive."

"An enjoyable session that felt very supportive and greatly beneficial."

"Great to have events which are delivered by experts who "walk the talk"."



Full day workshop for up to 30 people: £2800 + VAT


30 participants (including email support for all participants from Prof Reed) = £2800 + VAT (£93 + VAT per head – minimum order)

40 (with email support for all participants) = £3100 + VAT (£78 + VAT per head)

50 (with email support for all participants) = £3400 + VAT (£68 + VAT per head)

60 (with email support for all participants) = £3700 + VAT (£62 + VAT per head)


For trainings in the UK there are no additional travel/accommodation charges, but for some overseas destinations we add a small surcharge to cover travel costs.


Contact us to arrange a call from Prof Reed to discuss how exactly the training can be adapted to meet your needs.


Read our Terms and Conditions.

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