Section 3: How is impact generated?

This section covers:

  1. What types of impact are there?

  2. How does  impact happen?



  • Impact happens through learning: someone somewhere needs to learn about your institution’s research. Therefore, if you want research to have an impact, you need to find new ways of making this research both accessible and understandable to the people who can benefit from or use your work most. 

  • Press offices have many crucial skills that can enable target audiences to learn more effectively about research. But good communication starts with empathy – you need to truly understand your audience if you want to develop communications that really resonate with them.

  • An empathic approach to the generation of impact from media engagement needs to consider context, have a clear impact goal, consider who initiates and leads the engagement, which stakeholders and publics should be engaged with, how you design your engagement process and how you manage power dynamics during engagement. 

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