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Section 5: Media targeting for impact

This Section covers:

  1. Targeting media impact for engagement

  2. Helping the hard-to-reach



  • A public/stakeholder analysis will give a sophisticated and holistic understanding of those you may want to engage with, and help prioritise the limited time available for impact.

  • Ask three questions: who is interested in the research? How might they influence the ability of the research to achieve impact? Who is impacted?

  • You can use the analysis to identify the top people, organisations or groups that are most important for any reason. While it is easiest to think of "beneficiaries", this tool will also get you to think about whether there might also be groups who may be disadvantaged or harmed in some way as a result of the research, so you can consider how to reduce those negative impacts.

  • Based on what the analysis shows, prioritise who should be engaged first, looking at influential groups but also hard to reach groups, those who are affected but who have little representation or influence.


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