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Media Impact Guide and Toolkit

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Section 1: Impact and the media

Topic 1: The challenge of demonstrating REF impact for communications offices

Topic 2: Significant impacts that can arise from media engagement

Section 1 Quiz

Section 2: What is impact?

Topic 1: Impact vs engagement

Topic 2: Impact’s component parts

Topic 3: Significance vs reach – how impact is measured

Section 2 Quiz

Section 3: How does impact happen?

Topic 1: Different types of impact

Topic 2: Thinking about engagement

Section 3 Quiz

Section 4: Planning for impact from media engagement

Topic 1: The importance of planning

Topic 2: Identifying goals for specific beneficiaries

Topic 3: Design media activities to meet those goals

Topic 4: Identify how you will create evidence to demonstrate impact

Section 4 Quiz

Section 5: Media targeting for impact

Topic 1: Targeting media impact for engagement

Topic 2: Helping the hard-to-reach

Section 5 Quiz

Section 6: Demonstrating impact with evidence

Topic 1: Approaches to evidence gathering

Topic 2: Overview of evaluation methods

Section 6 Quiz

Section 7: Three easy ways to gather evidence from media engagement


Topic 1: Social media analysis

Topic 2: The Funnel Approach

Topic 3: Before/after polling

Section 7 Quiz

Section 8: Bringing researchers, press and research offices together

Topic 1: Working more effectively together across teams

Topic 2: Increasing researcher engagement

Section 8 Quiz

Conclusion and Further Reading

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