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Fast Track Impact is changing

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From January next year, I will renew my focus on academic impact research and generating impacts from my climate-related work. My goal is to remain on the cutting edge of impact research and practice, with time to develop new content, including more academic contributions. I am transitioning my impact training to Prof Eric Jensen at the Institute for Methods Innovation (IMI) from 31st December 2024.  From this time Fast Track Impact will integrate into IMI (a registered charity with a global footprint). In the meantime, I have a limited number of slots to train before the end of December (contact Madie at to book), and you can make bookings from January onwards via the IMI website.


Dr Joyce Reed will still be available to deliver health coaching for academics via Dr Joyce Reed Health Coach. Her current programmes: The Health Resilient Researcher course, Resilient Researcher Coaching Programme and the Empowering Conversations course will remain the same and continue to be delivered.  Joyce also offers individual coaching packages which have been increasingly popular supporting academics with their wellbeing and career. 


Madie Whittaker will still be available to provide freelance admin and transcription and can be contacted at


Anna Sutherland, our experienced graphic designer, has specialised in working with academics over the last 9 years that she has been in the Fast Track Impact team.  Anna is keen to move on to pastures new to broaden her design horizons, and you can reach out to her at if you need a research impact graphic designer in your team. 


Eric is the only trainer I know with the academic reputation and two decades of professional research impact practice to make this a seamless transition. I have long admired his skills as a trainer and learned much from him over the years. And, like me, he actively researches impact, and generates impact from this research. Expect the same courses and free resources, with just as much expertise and engagement with added tips and tricks from Eric’s wide-ranging impact experience (including several projects we’ve worked on together!). 


Although Fast Track Impact Ltd will cease to trade, all our resources will continue to grow and develop via the Fast Track Impact website resources page, YouTube channel, X and LinkedIn feeds. I will also continue my blog, newsletter, podcast and impact culture community of practice. In the coming months, we will circulate a signup form for those who wish to stay on the FTI/IMI contact list past the end of December. 


Over the last 11 years, it has been my privilege to help researchers of every kind to generate impact. In the early days, I worked with Ana Attlee via Project Maya, and since 2015 with Fast Track Impact alongside an inspiring team of dedicated colleagues: Joyce Reed, Madie Whittaker and Anna Sutherland. I am looking forward now to spending more time on my climate research and impact, whilst working with IMI to help you continue generating more impact from your research in less time. 

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