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Free training and discussion groups

A programme free training events, a quarterly reading group and regular discussion groups, based on feedback from the impact culture community, co-hosted with a different member of the community each session.

Programme for 2023 






The Productive Researcher - writing skills

Free training

2 hours

25 Sep 2023


Free training

1 hour

30 Oct 2023


To find out what’s planned for 2023, make suggestions or offer your own session, please contact Madie.

Free training: The Productive Researcher - writing skills


Date: 25 September, 2023

Time: 10:00


Find out how you can become significantly more productive as a researcher in a fraction of your current working day. Rather than learning (yet more) time management techniques, you will learn new ways of thinking that will reframe your relationship with work.

The course is based on Prof Reed’s book, The Productive Researcher, in which he draws on interviews with some of the world’s highest performing researchers, the literature and his own experience to identify a small number of important insights that can transform how researchers work. The course is based on an unparalleled breadth of interdisciplinary evidence that speaks directly to researchers of all disciplines and career stages.

Key benefits:

  • Leave with practical tools you can use immediately to prioritise limited time to achieve more ambitious career goals

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the values that underpin your work, and the reasons why you feel time pressured

  • Identify priorities that are as much about being as they are about doing, and that are stretching, motivational, authentic, relational and tailored to your unique strengths and abilities

  • Turn these into an “experiment” to make practical changes that create a positive feedback loop between your priorities and your motivation, so you can become increasingly focussed and productive

The Productive Researcher - writing skills
Art of engaging presentation

Free Training: The Art of Engaging Presentations - Unlocking the Power of Your Voice

Date: 30 October, 2023

Time: 10:00


In this one-hour session, renowned professional voice coach and part-time academic, Kate Cubley, will guide academic researchers on a transformative journey to enhance their presentation skills and captivate their audience. Focusing on effective communication, easy speech, reducing anxiety, and achieving a state of flow, this session is designed to equip researchers with the tools they need to deliver engaging and showstopping presentations.

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