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The Fast Track Impact Social Media Strategy Template

Are you wasting time on social media or is it helping you achieve impact? The easiest way to make sure your time on social media really counts is to have a social media strategy. If you can answer these four questions, then you’ve got yourself a social media strategy. Simple. And to make it even easier, we've released a new updated version of the Fast Track Impact Social Media Strategy Template that will help you get some serious clarity seriously quickly.

You don’t have to write anything down – you just need to act on the answers to these questions to stop wasting time and start generating impacts on social media. Of course if you want to write stuff down, this template is for you. Use the template below and the prompts on the following pages to pin down a clear strategy.

  1. What offline impacts do you want to achieve via social media?

  2. Who are you trying to reach, what are they interested in & what platforms are they on?

  3. How can you make your content actionable, shareable and rewarding for those who interact with you, so you can start building relationships and move the conversation from social media to real life?

  4. Who can you work with to make your use of social media more efficient and effective?

The template below is a quick and easy way to organize your thinking and keep track of you progress towards impact based on your use of social media:

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