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I want to lead for impact


Leadership for impact guides

Our essential series of 'how to' guides for leaders who want to achieve impact from research:

Building impact capacity

Mark discusses how to build capacity for impact, including the leadership and skills needed, as well as a discussion of the role that impact strategies can play.

Leadership for impact: the empathic leadership model

To facilitate impact from research, we need a new leadership model. Find out about how empathic leaders draw colleagues to impact and can facilitate transformational change, based on their purpose, bridging expertise and service.

Listen to the podcast version here

Valuing uncertainty as a leader

Embracing and becoming comfortable with uncertainty as a leader takes courage and humility in a world that looks to leaders for certainty.

The purpose of an empathetic leader

Whether they have confidence in their convictions or a quiet certainty about where they are going, natural leaders draw people to their sense of purpose. To draw people to impact, leaders need to have a deep understanding of their purpose, to be authentic and therefore be able to connect empathically with their teams.

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Bridging expertise - being an expert at finding expertise

Leaders that want to facilitate impact need to cultivate bridging expertise to bridge ideas and networks, bringing people and solutions together to make a difference.

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The radical transparency, humility and presence of empathic leaders

We have all come across leaders who sought to be influential but lacked humility, and so resorted to coercion and manipulation to get things done. Impactful leaders need to understand their motives, and the needs of those they are working with, if they want to influence, rather than manipulate.

Listen to the podcast version here

The influence of empathic leaders

A discussion of evidence from studies of expert negotiators that suggests empathic leaders can be highly influential. 

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Impact culture

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