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Supporting REF case study authors
Online course


Universities across the UK are identifying research that could become sufficiently significant and far-reaching to be submitted as a future REF impact case study. To support the development of these case studies, we are offering one-to-one sessions with researchers, including detailed written feedback on impact plans, followed by verbal feedback and discussion. Benefits include:

  • Identifying new pathways to impact, discuss how to prioritise different impact opportunities when time or resources are limited, and identify ways of increasing the effectiveness, efficiency or reach of impact generation activities

  • Make sure you have a credible plan for the generation of underpinning research for a future case study

  • Develop a strong monitoring and evaluation plan, ensuring relevant data is being collected early in the impact generation process, so you have sufficient data to corroborate claims in your impact case study



Mark continues to provide feedback to researchers to help them apply what they have learned in practice. Researchers may bring team members, and professional services staff and other colleagues who want to learn from the process can join as observers.


All feedback is evidence-based, drawing on research Prof Reed conducted with Bella Reichard and others analysing REF2014 impact case studies and experience across the sector reviewing REF2021 impact case studies.


For detailed REF impact case study reviews, Mark works with Bella Reichard and Saskia Gent from Insights for Impact. Saskia also offers coaching and advice on REF strategy. For a full package of support, Mark works with Prof Eric Jensen from Institute for Methods Innovation to provide impact evaluation services, giving you rigorous evidence to support impact claims..


You might want to pair your one-to-one sessions with our Evidencing Impact course.

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Half-day workshop £1600 +VAT 

Read our Terms and Conditions.

If you are interested in training for case study authors, find out more about our preparing for impact in REF2028 course.


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