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If you are purchasing hard copies of books outside the UK and EU, you may have to pay taxes and custom charges before you can collect your book. If as a result you do not receive your book, we will refund your order. European customers please be aware that you must be available to collect your package at the destination, or it may be returned to us.

Also, if you would like to purchase 10+ hard copies (or 8+ hardcopies from anywhere outside of the UK), please get in touch with us here before making your order.

Impact Culture cover

Impact Culture

PDF version


Do you feel demoralised and demotivated by an increasingly managerial, metricised academy? In this book, you will discover how you can transform your working environment and create a culture you can belong in. Whether you seek ideas that will change the world or you just want to reclaim a place in which you can think deeply, this book invites you to overcome what is preventing you doing the best work of your career. At the very least, you will see how it is possible to create a protective bubble in a toxic culture. But at best, unexpected new ways of working will emerge and spread from person to person and group to group. This is the way innovations spread, minds change and new cultures are born: diverse, authentic and values-driven cultures that inspire the creative thought the world needs so badly right now. You don’t need to wait for that to happen. Whatever your position, from PhD student to professor, you can make a difference. Change can start now, with you. With us. Mark Reed is an expert in research impact with 200 publications that have been cited>25,000 times. He is a Professor and Centre Director at Scotland’s Rural College, and a Visiting Professor at Newcastle University, University of Leeds and Birmingham City University.

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