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Preparing for impact in REF2029
Online course

Course Description

This session will give you an opportunity to think about what will be necessary to develop top-scoring impact case studies for REF2029, whilst thinking critically about some of the challenges and negative unintended consequences of impact in REF. You will learn about practical tools to time-efficiently increase the significance and reach of your impact. Learn from research on what made top scoring case studies in REF2014, dissect the anatomy of a claim in a worked example from REF2021, and make sure you have everything in place to monitor and evaluate impacts, so you construct evidence-based case studies. As part of the session, you will receive your own copy of Prof Reed’s latest book, Impact Culture.

Key benefits


We spend time with you before we train to ensure our workshops are tailored to the needs of your group. Our training includes:

  • Think critically about impact in REF to avoid negative unintended consequences and missed opportunities, and build a healthy impact culture in your group

  • Learn how to monitor, evaluate and evidence impact convincingly in your case study

  • Discover easy and quick-to-use tools to fix problems with significance or reach in case studies

  • Find out what makes a 4* impact case study, based on research into high versus low-scoring cases in REF2014 and a worked example showing the anatomy of a 4* claim from REF2021

At the end of the workshop you:

  • You receive slides and links to free resources to help you embed impact in your research

  • You have the option to make a commitment to an action based on the course and receive a follow-up email from Prof Reed to check in and help as necessary after a month

  • Prof Reed continues to answer all questions from participants via email after the course, guaranteeing a response to all questions within one week

Book now


Half-day workshop £1600 +VAT

If you are interested in individual support for your case study authors, find out more about our support package for impact case studies

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