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Training follow-up: 5 steps to embed impact in your research



How does it work?


These five steps will help you embed what you learned during training with Mark Reed, so you can implement what you learned in your research. You will receive each step via email every week for five weeks, and can work through the material at any time. Each step consists of a 6 minute video with accompanying text and tasks for you to complete. Each step should take you around 15 minutes to work through, and anywhere from a couple of minutes to a couple of hours to complete the week's tasks. This gives you time to apply what you learn to your own research. You get the opportunity to submit work to Mark for personal feedback up to a month after completing the last step (e.g. a draft policy brief, video story board or event plan). You can also now join our closed Facebook group for people we've trained to share your successes and get help from others. 


You will receive an email inviting you to two Google Hangouts with Mark to help you work through the steps. If you've reached the second step and haven't received an email from us yet, please get in touch:


The five steps:

  • Week 1: Envision your impact

  • Week 2: Plan for impact

  • Week 3: Cut back anything hindering or distracting you from your impact 

  • Week 4: Get specific about the impacts you will seek and the people who can help you achieve impact this month

  • Week 5: Achieve your first step towards impact and monitor your success

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Looking forward to working with you!


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