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Facilitation Skills
Online course


Our half day courses are the most popular, but we can also provide most courses as 1 hour, 90 minute and 2 hour stand-alone courses, or connect these together into a series of sessions running over a few weeks or months. Set up a call to discuss how we can adapt this course to your needs.

Our online courses are just as interactive as any face-to-face training. They are specially designed so you get more engagement in ways that are not possible when everyone is in the same room together. Online courses are a great way to keep colleagues connected and inspired.

Since it was introduced in 2013, this course has become the most widely used resource to train researchers in impact around the world, having been used by over 200 institutions in 55 countries to date. 



Course Description

This session will give you everything you need to design and facilitate partnership meetings and workshops with stakeholders that are easy to facilitate, efficient and enjoyable generate and communicate real-world impacts from your research. You will learn about practical tools to grow your confidence and effectiveness as a facilitator, which you will be able to use immediately to take your meetings and workshops to a new level. The training is based on the latest research evidence and takes a unique relational approach to deliver wide-reaching and lasting impacts. As part of the session you will receive a hard copy* and a PDF copy of the second edition of The Research Impact Handbook.

*Available when you book half a day's worth of courses or more

Key benefits:

  • Gain new skills in workshop design and facilitation techniques that will help you manage power dynamics and deal with difficult individuals and situations

  • Learn about tools you can use to facilitate interactive online workshops and meetings

  • Learn from a leading expert and from your colleagues in a highly interactive session that will enable you to grow your confidence and influence as a facilitator

At the end of the workshop:

  • Receive slides and links to free resources to help you embed impact in your research

  • Have the option to make a commitment to an action based on the course and receive a follow-up email from Prof Reed to check in and help as necessary after a month.


Prof Reed continues to answer all questions from participants via email after the course, guaranteeing a response to all questions within one week.

This course is based on these two chapters of The Research Impact Handbook:

Chapter 15 of The Research Impact Handbook thumbnail
Chapter 16 of The Research Impact Handbook thumbnail

What does a typical day look like?

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Half-day workshop £1500 +VAT for 30-40 participants

Includes 30 free hard copies of The Research Impact Handbook, worth £29.99 each.


90 minute workshops £750 +VAT for 30-40 participants

Includes PDF copies of The Research Impact Handbook. You can add hard copies of the books for your participants at additional cost.


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