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Design for impact

Fast Track Impact has a unique web design service where we integrate your website into a pathway to impact, so your new website drives measurable benefits for those who visit as part of a wider strategy to deliver impact from your research.  

  • We are the only web design company who will help you create a pathway to impact for your research as part of the design process, so your website is able to drive measurable impact

  • If you want your website to drive impacts you can claim in the Research Excellence Framework (REF) then we provide a detailed review of a draft case study or advise you on what you’ll need to evaluate as evidence for a future case study as part of the service. All advice is evidence-based, drawing on a peer-reviewed quantitative linguistic analysis of REF2014 case studies by Prof Reed and colleagues 

  • Typical pathways integrate a social media strategynewsletterspodcasts and other content that can generated regularly in limited time to drive traffic to your website and keep people coming back, and links to face-to-face events or webinars where you can interact with users to reach specific impact goals

A website like no other


Every website we design is unique, based on your specifications and the needs of those you want to benefit from your research:


  • Expert-led: Get one-to-one advice on your impact from leading expert, Prof Mark Reed, so your website really makes a difference

  • Understood: Because we only work with researchers, we understand the pressures you are under. Got a bunch of deadlines and can’t get us the text for the remaining pages of your site yet? Take a rain check and we’ll put the project on hold for as long as you need to clear your desk. Need to get your site live before a project event? We’ll pull out all the stops to make your deadline.

  • User-friendly: We use an intuitive platform that enables you to keep your site up-to-date yourself quickly and easily, and to make sure you know what you’re doing we give you a tutorial before we hand over your site

  • Secure: The platform we use is highly secure so your site shouldn’t get hacked; but we can provide additional virus protection, and create password protected sections of your site

  • Supported: You work with a dedicated project manager throughout the process, and you get ongoing technical support from Fast Track Impact in perpetuity

  • Optimized: All websites are optimized for mobile (as well as desktop) viewing and we can integrate social media (as well as advising you on your social media strategy for driving traffic to your new site)


Find out more

Because Mark helps with all our design jobs to make sure they deliver impact, we only take on a limited number of jobs per month and there can be a waiting list, so it is worth getting in touch soon if you’re interested. 

  • Price: £3000 + VAT (includes ongoing technical support from Fast Track Impact)

  • Optional extras: bespoke photography (£500), infographic (£600), policy brief design template to match your website (£250), integrated video via our affiliates (typical price £300-500) 

  • Recurring costs: We use the Wix platform to offer you a website that is easily and fully editable by you, without the need for any software or web design skills. WIX also has the option for free hosting - which includes a visible WIX advert on your published site advert and a WIX-provided domain name (web address). You can also have a website with a custom domain name by signing up for a WIX Premium Plan. These plans come with hosting by WIX, a free domain name for 1 year, and then a reasonable yearly payment thereafter. This domain name will be purchased from WIX, but you can choose to connect a domain name you have purchased from another elsewhere e.g. Ionos, GoDaddy, etc.

  • If you're unfamiliar with hosting and domain names, you can find out more at these links: 'What is a Domain name and why it matters', and 'What is hosting? A definitive guide'.

Discuss your needs with us today:

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