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Do you want a professionally designed personal or project website that shows off your research to the world and gets you impact. If you’ve been thinking about doing something like this for a while but haven’t found the time, working with our design team makes the process remarkably quick and easy: 


Website design for research projects and individual researchers


  • Websites designed for impact: We specialize in helping you design your website to generate impact, starting with an initial meeting to design a pathway to impact for your research, to work out exactly where your website fits in. If you’re in the UK and this is contributing to a REF impact case study, Prof Mark Reed provide a case study review (with guidance on how to improve it) as part of our service. If you want help developing a social media strategy to drive traffic to your site, that’s also included. If you want, we can provide help translating technical text into plain English to help you communicate more effectively with publics and stakeholders. All this is included in our basic package, because what’s the point of making a website that doesn’t actually achieve impact? 

  • Logo: As an optional extra, we can design a logo for your website. In that scenario the logo will be produced first; and when you're happy with it we will go on to design the website, tailoring it to match the logo. 

  • Understood: Because we only work with researchers, we understand the pressures you are under. Got a bunch of deadlines and can’t get us the text for the remaining pages of your site yet? Take a rain check and we’ll put the project on hold for as long as you need to clear your desk. Need to get your site live before a project event? We’ll pull out the stops to make your deadline.

  • User-friendly: We use an intuitive platform that enables you to keep your site up-to-date yourself quickly and easily, and to make sure you know what you’re doing we give you a tutorial before we hand over your site

  • Secure: The platform we use is highly secure so your site shouldn’t get hacked, but we can provide additional virus protection and can create password protected sections of your site

  • Supported: In addition to help from the platform, you get ongoing technical support from Fast Track Impact in perpetuity. As long as Fast Track Impact exists, we will be at the end of an email or phone to help you if you run into trouble

  • Optimized: All websites are optimized for mobile (as well as desktop) viewing and we can integrate social media (as well as advising you on your social media strategy for driving traffic to your new site)

  • Infographics: If you have additional budget available, we can work with you to develop infographics about your research,  integrate these into your website and provide versions you can use on social media. We can also provide bespoke photograph and video. You can see some of the websites and infographics we’ve designed below.


Because Mark helps with all our design jobs to make sure they deliver impact, we only take on a limited number of jobs per month and there can be a waiting list, so it is worth getting in touch soon if you’re interested in this. Contact Madie to set up a call with me and the rest of the design team if you want to explore this further (you can decide not to proceed at that point). Prices start from £1500 + VAT and we only bill if and when you are completely happy with the result. 


  • Prices range from £1500-2000 + VAT

  • Added extras: bespoke photography (£500), infographic (£500), policy brief design template to match your website (£250), integrated video via our affiliates (typical price £300-500) platform to offer you a website that is easily and fully editable by you without the need for any software or web design skills, with the option for free hosting (with adverts and a WIX-provided domain name) or purchasing a domain name via Wix/attaching an existing domain name purchased elsewhere. To use your own domain name you will need to sign up for a WIX Premium Plan, which is an additional cost. There are several to choose from and the prices start at £6 per month.

  • We will give you a quote based on your needs before we start work. Cost varies depending on the number of pages to be created, the amount of material you need us to put on your website and the range of functions you need. We always aim to use freely available professional photography, but if the photos you need require us to pay for copyright permissions we will let you know how much each photo costs before you decide if you want to add these to your site


Discuss your needs with us today:


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These are some recent 'in-house' publications:

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Everything you need to know about the final REF2021 guidance on impact in less than a minute

August 29, 2019

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Everything you need to know about the final REF2021 guidance on impact in less than a minute

August 29, 2019

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