• Answer these 4 questions to using social media to drive research impact

  • How to actually save time in your working day by engaging with social media

  • How to become more influential on Twitter the easy way

  • Impact tracking made easy with Evernote

  • Introducing the Fast Track Impact Tracking Template 

  • 5 things you need to get right if you want to successfully engage with publics and stakeholders for impact

  • Do your design skills undermine your credibility and impact

  • Help? My stakeholders aren't interested in my research

  • 4 points to transform your next talk so you transform your audience

  • 3 options for busy academics whose research could make money

  • 3 reasons why you should care about the Research Excellence Framework (REF) if you're not working in the UK

  • How to enhance the reach of your impact

  • How to design a workshop to discuss what makes a top-scoring REF impact case study in your subject area

  • How much was an impact case study worth in REF2014

  • 3 things HEFCE's consultation has told us about the role of impact in REF2014

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