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What's the big idea?


How to overcome your deepest fears and use your dreams to change the world



Mark S Reed



Many people want to leave their mark and make the world a better place, so why do so few do it? In this book, Prof Mark Reed addresses the two most important reasons why people abandon their dreams: 1) we don’t allow ourselves to think big because of our circumstances, our lack of self-belief and everyone who has ever told us that our ideas won’t work and we can’t do it; 2) once we’ve overcome those barriers, few of us have the tools we need to turn our big idea into reality and actually change the world. This book will share the stories and secrets of a series of ordinary people from different walks of life around the world who came out of their ordinary lives to change the world. These inspirational stories are combined with the latest research about how to develop ideas that can “go viral” and turn into new policies, products and practices that can change the world. Prof Mark Reed is a leading expert in knowledge mobilisation and leads an international course training researchers around the world how to generate ideas that can make a real difference. In this book, he distills important lessons from his own research and training programme, and shares his own story about about how he overcame childhood sexual abuse to become an internationally renowned researcher advising Governments and the United Nations on environmental issues.



Chapter 1: Introduction 

Chapter 2: Overcoming your deepest fears 

Chapter 3: Turning your dreams into good ideas 

Chapter 4: Making good ideas credible 

Chapter 5: Making credible ideas big 

Chapter 6: Making big ideas real 

Chapter 7: Conclusion 



Release date: winter 2016


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