Video-based interactive impact training for groups

Our video-based training offers an affordable way to access our world-leading expertise and resources. You get a pack with detailed instructions on how to run a 5-hour event using pre-recorded videos and planned group exercises, with an hour live question and answer session via Skype with Professor Mark Reed at the end of the session. 


What you get


  • Delivery pack with information about how to set up the room, print handouts, introduce the sessions and bring in Professor Reed via Skype 

  • Video downloads for each session

  • Handouts to print for each session

  • One-hour live question and answer session via Skype with Professor Reed

  • A free follow-up programme over five weeks, so participants can apply what they have learned in their research. They can work through these steps themselves from the handbook, but by signing up to take these steps online, they get access to extra material. Each week consists of a 6-minute video with accompanying text and tasks

  • Mark replies to email queries from all members of the group after the training to troubleshoot problems and ensure they can put what they’ve learned into practice.

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What does the day look like?


  1. Local team: Introduction to the day

  2. Video 1: Introduction and motives for engaging with impact

  3. Worksheet 1 and paired interview: Why do you do what you do?

  4. Video 2: What is impact? Evidence-based principles to save time while you generate impact

  5. Worksheet 2 and small group discussion: What works? Tell a story of research that delivered benefits and explain why it worked, illustrating principles from Video 2 or identifying your own generalizable principles

  6. Video 3: Identifying stakeholders and publics

  7. Worksheet 3 and paired discussion: publics/stakeholder analysis

  8. Video 4: Impact planning and impact tracking (with handout)

  9. Live question and answer session with Professor Reed

  10. Local team: close the day



Price: £1,000 +VAT


A single site license fee enables you to use the resources as many times as you want, with as many researchers as you want within your institution for 1 year. For access beyond a year or to get Prof Reed to join you for additional groups, please contact us for details and prices.



Optional extras


  • Copies of The Research Impact Handbook (£24.99 each + postage)

  • Fast Track Impact presentation folders for handouts (£1 each + postage)

  • Hard copies of the latest issue of the Fast Track Impact magazine (£1.50 each + postage)



Find out more


To arrange a call to discuss this training with Prof Reed, please contact his PA Madie





"Mark’s training stimulated new discussions and ideas about what impact our researcher’s work can have, and demystified the process of achieving impact. His innovative approach, incorporating pre-recorded videos and live Q&A with Mark, means that the training is a highly cost effective way of delivering high quality training to a large number of staff. Our intention to maintain our relationship with Mark is a testament to his expertise in both impact and training delivery."


Rachel Ramsey, University of Sunderland




Half-day workshop £1500 +VAT for 30-40 participants

Includes free hard copies of The Research Impact Handbook sent to each participant’s home address. 


90 minute workshops £750 +VAT for 30-40 participants

Includes PDF copies of The Research Impact Handbook. You can add hard copies of the books for your participants at additional cost.


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