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Unsung Impact

We want to hear your unsung impacts.


Over the course of 2018, we will be compiling stories of unsung impacts. These are stories that your press office doesn’t want to hear about and that will never be submitted to any research evaluation. But they are often stories we care deeply about.


Some happened at the wrong time, others happened before the person joined a University, and other impacts clearly happened but you could never prove they wouldn’t have happened without the research. Some of these stories are among the most inspiring, but because we only celebrate “demonstrable” impacts that are significant and far-reaching in exercises like REF2021, we will never hear about the research that saved one person’s life, or transformed an organization that was subsequently closed down.


These are the unsung impacts. By allowing these stories to remain unheard, we allow our institutions to narrow and instrumentalise the public’s view of the value of research. It may not be “strategic” to tell these stories, but it is essential that we tell these them, to celebrate the rich diversity of benefits that can arise from research.

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