Submit your own pathways to impact for evaluation

If you have a stunning pathway to impact, don't keep it to yourself - submit it for evaluation by Prof Reed here and let others learn from you. Permission was sought from the Research Councils before launching this initiative (contact Mark if you would like more information).

Submission checklist:

  • For everything that follows, any personal names or other personal or sensitive information should be redacted by replacing with XXX (this will be checked prior to publication).

  • Check your collaborators are happy for you to share this information publicly 

  • Impact summary

  • Pathway to impact

  • Aims and objectives, and summary section of the proposal for context

  • Any reviewer feedback you can share that pertains to the impact elements of the application

  • Details of the funder you submitted it to, the year you submitted it and whether or not it was funded.

All material will be reviewed by Prof Mark Reed and evaluations returned within one calendar month. Only those deemed to have notable good practice features will be published on the website. Material can be removed at any point in future. Please submit all documents in Word as or take professional advice about redacting PDF documents.

Submit your pathway to impact to Mark via his PA here