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Everything you need to write an impact case study for REF2021

Everything you need to write an impact case study for REF2021…


Read this 2 minute summary of everything you need to know about impact in REF2021 and Mark’s latest REF intelligence, with three approaches to demonstrating the quality of your underpinning research, including additional indicators of research quality being used by Universities across the UK. 

What makes a 4* impact case study?

The most comprehensive analysis of REF2014 case studies uses qualitative and quantitative linguistic analysis of high versus low-scoring cases to provide evidence of what it took to get a top score in 2014. Read this blog to find out how Universities across the UK have raised the bar for REF2021 and what you’ll need to do to go beyond best practice from 2014 to reach 4* in 2021.  

Writing impact case studies

A comparative study of high-scoring and low-scoring case studies from REF2014

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