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REF impact webinar

Get tailored advice from the world’s leading expert on impact, based on unique empirical evidence of the key predictors of high and low scores in REF impact case studies. Invite your case study authors to a webinar with Prof Mark Reed, who is advising every Russell Group University and the majority of other Universities on impact for REF2021, to find out how you can compete effectively to get top scores on impact.

  • Find out how your competitors are raising the bar for their best case studies

  • Learn what made a 4* case study in REF2014 based on a quantitative linguistic analysis of the largest ever sample of known high versus low-scoring cases

  • Get advice on how to evidence impacts convincingly with limited time and resources

  • Find out how to structure your case study to avoid giving sub-panels reasons to bring down your score

  • Discuss the greatest challenges you are facing in your case studies with Prof Reed

  • Get a recording of the webinar, and access to the slides and underpinning research for those who can’t make it on the day

Price: £1000 plus VAT

Optional extra: Add copies of The Research Impact Handbook (£24.99 each plus postage) for all participants​

Find out more: To arrange a call to discuss this training with Prof Reed, please contact his PA Madie

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