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Pathways to Impact

If you want to write about the potential impact of your research in your next grant application, you need to know what best practice looks like. Look at our guides to writing an impact summary and pathway to impact for UK Research Council proposals or for writing the impact sections of Horizon 2020 proposals, and be inspired by the best practice examples below.


If you have a stunning pathway to impact, don't keep it to yourself - submit it for evaluation by Prof Reed here and let others learn from you. The more people who share their work here, the more useful this resource will become.


If you're looking for ideas, learn but do not copy - reviewers and panel members will spot it and will not look favourably on your work. 

To find what you're looking for, sort by funder or the year it was submitted, or search for keywords to find pathways that link to your research interests (if you're looking at this on a mobile, you'll need to switch to your computer to use the full functionality of the table).

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