NHMRC interactive webinar: how to write a winning impact track record

This course gives you a unique opportunity to learn about writing an NHMRC impact track record from a world-leading expert on research impact who has advised NHMRC on its assessment of impact. Prof Reed delivers the course via video link, and facilitates discussion and interactive exercises with the group.



  1. Distinguish easily between translational research, engagement and impact, and identify missing impacts you can claim under each NHMRC category

  2. Learn how to evidence the significance and reach of impacts, attributing these to your research and describing your role in the research, based on unique evidence from high- versus low-scoring impact track records from the UK

  3. Bring questions and challenges from track records you are writing for discussion with the group

  4. Try out time saving tools to identify populations and stakeholders likely to benefit from your research, strategically for future impacts and track and record impacts as they arise


After the workshop, you are invited to sign up for ongoing support from Prof Reed via 5 online follow-on steps (over 5 weeks) with practical tasks you can follow to embed the lessons from the workshop in your research. Prof Reed answers all questions arising after the workshop via email.

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Start: 14.00


Session 1: Introduction

  • Distinguishing between engagement and impact

  • Articulating competitive knowledge impacts and identifying and integrating precursor impacts to health, economic and social impacts

  • Significance, reach and attribution

  • Discussion


Session 2: Writing a winning impact track record

  • Evidencing significance and reach of impacts

  • Attributing impacts to your research

  • Articulating your role in the impactful research

  • Evidence from analysis of high versus low-scoring UK impact track records

  • Discussion



Session 3: Track record surgery

  • Bring questions and challenges from track records you are writing for discussion with the group

Session 4: Planning future impacts

  • Try out time saving tools to:

    • Identify populations and stakeholders likely to benefit from your research

    • Strategically for future impacts

    • Track and record impacts as they arise


17.00 Finish


Price: £1,000

Optional extra: Add copies of The Research Impact Handbook (£24.99 each plus postage) for all participants


Find out more: To arrange a call to discuss this training with Prof Reed, please contact his PA Madie

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Prof Mark Reed is a recognized international expert in impact research with >150 publications that have been cited >15,000 times. He holds a Research England and N8 funded chair at Newcastle University, is research lead for an international charity and has won prizes for the impact of his research. He collaborates and publishes across the disciplinary spectrum, from the arts and humanities to natural sciences, and he reviews research for funders around the world. He has been commissioned to write reports and talk to international policy conferences by the United Nations, has acted as a science advisor to the BBC, and is research lead for an international charity. 

Mark regularly advises research funders, helping write funding calls, evaluating the impact of funding programmes and training their staff. He has advised NHMRC on their internal evaluation of impact track records and regularly advises on impact to policy makers (e.g. as part of a recent ARDC forum for Australian Government departments, learned societies and research funders including ARC and NHMRC), research projects (e.g. via the advisory panel for the EU Horizon 2020 SciShops project) and agencies (e.g. Australian Research Data Commons). Find out more about his work at: www.profmarkreed.com or follow him on Twitter @profmarkreed

What people are saying 

"I thought the webinar content was excellent and I quite like the way Mark paced the session. All a bit daunting to think about putting into practice, but the information, data presented and advice were great.”

On the ground support 

If you want feedback on your grant application as you develop it, we recommend support from the Research Impact Academy who provide tailored grant feedback on NHMRC applications. The teams they supported in the last round had a 29% success rate, so it is worth checking out their services. Find out more here.






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