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"In plain English, impact is the good that researchers can do in the world."

In a word, impact is benefit 

Researchers have less time than ever before, and impact is the latest expectation from our funders, Governments and Universities. As the pressure rises, we lose our time to think, and the academic freedom to create and be curious.


I know how it feels. I'm a full-time Professor in a global top 150 University. I do everything other academics do: research, teaching, admin, and more admin. Oh, and impact.


I want to help you get impact from your research without having to work any more weekends or evenings than you already do. I’m not going to ask you to change who you are. Whether you are driven by curiosity, creativity or challenge, or you actually want to change the world, you can fuel these intrinsic motives when you engage with impact on your own terms.


I am a leading expert on research impact with over 150 publications cited over 13,000 times. I publish around 8 papers a year, lead large research projects, work for an international charity, and generate significant and far-reaching impacts from my own research whilst training other researchers to generate impact. And I only work 37 hours a week.

"Whether you are a PhD student or a Professor, a medieval historian or a medic, we can help you fast track your impact and improve your productivity. Equip yourself with powerful tools you can use immediately to create a step change in the impact and productivity of your research. Our unique relational approach is based on the latest research evidence, including our own, award-winning peer-reviewed research."

I want to transform your research and your impact.


I have studied impact across disciplines and contexts around the world, to ask “what works?”. But knowing what works isn’t enough. The one reason why I (and most other researchers) don’t achieve impacts is lack of time. That’s why in all the empirical studies I have done on impact, I have always added a second part to my question: “what works when you’ve got limited time”? The answer to this question is in this website and the two books it is based on.


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My video-based interactive group training on impact gives you everything you need to run a highly interactive half-day session with your colleagues and includes a live question and answer session with me for an hour at the end of the course. For the full experience, you can add copies of The Research Impact Handbook and handout packs. If you think of a question later, get in touch and I commit to answering all questions from delegates. Schedule a call now to find out more.


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I do a limited number of full-day in-house courses per year (the typical waiting list is 3-6 months). If you’re prepared to wait, schedule a call to discuss a full-day in-house training.

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I also run specialist courses:

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We've trained >8000 researchers from >200 institutions in 55 countries: