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Join others interested in impact for a discussion at 13.00 on the last Friday of the month. Each month you'll get a new reading and a different author will summarise their work before diving into discussion. Places are limited to 100 and there will be no recording as we want to create a safe space for in-depth discussion. 

Friday 30th October: Evidencing impact

Hear a short overview of Professor Mark Reed's new paper with colleagues from iCASP on methods for evaluating impact and see a demo of how he uses Evernote to monitor impacts on the go. The majority of the session will be a discussion about the challenges of evidencing impact. Read the paper in advance and come with questions, challenges and discussion points to get the most out of this session.

Friday 27th November: New evidence on what made a top-scoring REF20124 impact case study

Hear a short overview of new empirical evidence from an analysis of 111 top-scoring REF2014 case studies by Professor James Gow and Dr. Henry Redwood, from their new book, “Impact in International Affairs”. Get exclusive access to the relevant chapters and read them in advance to come with questions and discuss the research 

Friday 29th January: Impact from critical research

Hear a short overview of Dr Ruth Machen’s new blog based on her recent paper proposing five ways critical research can generate impact, based on her analysis of REF2014 case studies that challenged existing policies and structures in an attempt to empower marginalised groups. Although there is evidence that research that challenges the political status quo is less likely to generate impact, Dr Machen’s analysis shows that while the pathways may be more complex and lengthy, critical research can achieve social change. Read her blog or paper in advance and join the discussion with the author. 

30th April: Impact culture

Hear a short overview of the key take home messages from Professor Mark Reed’s new book, Impact Culture. Read or listen to the book, or read these free excerpts and come ready to discuss what it means for your own work and institution. 

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