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Impact advice

Do you need feedback on draft impact case studies for REF2021? Choose from the packages below. Basic and follow-up packages are provided by Bella Reichard with Mark Reed. Bella is a linguistics scholar who led the largest ever quantitative analysis of high versus low-scoring case studies from REF2014. Together, Bella and Mark provide unparalleled expertise, based on the most robust evidence available.

Basic package


  • Detailed annotations on case study

  • Summary report providing (where possible) likely current and potential future grade, calibrated to benchmarks for the Unit of Assessment and type of impact

  • Specific actions that could be taken to increase, better evidence and narrate significance and reach

  • Feedback to case study authors is communicated via email and they can discuss the feedback further with us via email

  • Price: £200 per case study


Follow-up package (remote)

  • Written feedback (see basic package)

  • Verbal feedback on first draft via a Skype call (up to 40 mins)

  • Written feedback on second draft

  • Option for authors to discuss case studies via email throughout process

  • Price: £300 per case study

Follow-up package (in person)


  • Everything you get in the remote package but case study authors to receive and be able to discuss feedback on their first draft in person, we can visit you (UK only, minimum order 8 case studies)

  • Price: £375 per case study (£3000 per day)


Group case study review


Impact evaluation

  • For large research programme reviews, we work with Laura Meagher, who has evaluated a number of programmes for the UK Research Councils (we have done evaluations recently for Scottish Government and Forest Research). Most work is undertaken by Laura with Mark joining the team for larger projects

  • For evaluations of impact arising from public engagement, we work with Eric Jensen from Methods for Change

Find out more

Discuss your requirements directly with Bella Reichard




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