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Attending a well-run online course with colleagues is a great way to maintain morale and inspire researchers to apply what they’ve learned as they work from home. All our courses can be run as 1 hour, 90 minute and 2 hour stand-alone online courses or arranged as a weekly or monthly series.

What is different about the online versions of our courses

The short answer is “not much”. The agenda remains the same, and you get all the same outcomes. Detailed changes to each course can be found below, but the key differences are:

  • Breaks are longer: 30 mins in the morning and afternoon and 1 hour for lunch, so you have time to make yourself some food and pace yourself. The structure of the course has been adapted so you don’t miss out on anything as a result of the longer breaks.

  • Sessions run via Zoom which does not require any software (just an internet browser), enabling colleagues to join easily from home.

  • Hard copy handout packs are replaced by editable e-handouts.

  • Get a PDF copy of the course book (in addition to getting the hard copy sent to your home address after the course).

  • Sessions are just as interactive as before, using three different modes of interaction:

    • Small group work is done via Zoom’s break-out room function, with key insights reported back in plenary to the wider group at the end.

    • Plenary discussion is done via Zoom’s chat function in a two-part process. First everyone is asked to comment via chat (e.g. provide an answer to a provocative question, or ask a question of their own). Second, a sample of these is used to facilitate further in-depth discussion via commentary from Mark, followed by an open-mic session for those who want to take the discussion further.

    • We sometimes use polls and Google Jamboard to enable everyone to answer a question, before moving to plenary or small group discussion.

    • Other exercises have been adapted in various ways to enable deeper and/or wider discussion online than is typically possible face-to-face (contact us for more details).

Frequently asked questions

  • Do I get a discount if we run the course online? Yes, because Mark doesn’t have to travel and there are no handouts, we charge £400 less per course in the UK and £1550 less in Australia.

  • How many participants can I have in an online course? The online course is designed for the same number of people as your original booking (if you requested an introductory session for a larger number of people we will need to know numbers the day before to set up the right number of break out rooms on Zoom).

  • How will people connect to the training? There is no minimum, but we prefer to limit the maximum number of participants to 50. If you want more people than this, let us know and we can adapt the design of the course to make this work.

  • Do I still get hard copies of the book and handouts? Hard copies of the book accompanying your course are sent to participants’ home addresses. However, we do not send hard copies of the handout pack unless you request this (if requested these are sent at no extra charge).

  • What additional information do I need to send to participants when I tell them the course has moved online? Just re-send the agenda and outline with the Zoom link, explaining that the course remains the same with longer breaks, and direct them to this webpage for more information about how the online version of the course will work.

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Full day workshop for up to 30 people: £2400 + VAT


30 participants = £2400 + VAT (£93 + VAT per head – minimum order)

40 = £2700 + VAT (£78 + VAT per head)

50 = £3000 + VAT (£68 + VAT per head)

60 = £3300 + VAT (£62 + VAT per head)


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"[Doing the course online was] really useful and engaging.”

"Good to have different formats of group discussion and smaller groups. It all worked well delivered remotely"


“Inspirational day”

"I thought the breakouts were good for sharing ideas and the chat function worked well"


"I learned a lot about good ways of doing online delivery and the functionality that Zoom has!"

"Extremely informative session that was worth attending"

"The balance of slides and lecturing, interacting in the chat, using JamBoard, breaks and breakout rooms was perfect. I have definitely learned a few things about running online workshops"

"Mark presented many topics in an accessible and easy to digest manner."

"I found it really useful that Mark understood where we were coming from as students"

"I really enjoyed Mark's honesty and how candidly he spoke, it was really reassuring."

"The openness of the discussion gave an authentic feel which is not always common in workshops (either online or in person)"

"The tools-gives me something to turn the inspiration into concrete action after the session"

"Prof Reed is an excellent presenter. The example policy briefs and structure breakout rooms for discussion were incredibly helpful"

"It was great to learn a so simple, but at the same time insightful definition of impact. Until that time, I had a not clear vision of what impact was. Now it is crystal clear."