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Fast track your research impact (Europe)


Since it was introduced in 2013, this course has become the most widely used resource to train researchers in impact around the world, having been used by over 200 institutions in 55 countries to date. We have trained researchers across Europe and Prof Reed has played a leadership role in many EU research projects that have successfully generated impact.



Course Description

This session will give you everything you need to generate and communicate real-world impacts from your research. You will learn about practical tools to time-efficiently increase the significance and reach of your impact. The training is based on the latest research evidence and takes a unique relational approach to deliver wide-reaching and lasting impacts. As part of the session you will receive your own copy of the second edition of The Research Impact Handbook

Key benefits:

  • Learn about evidence-based principles for delivering research impact when you don’t have much time

  • Discover easy and quick-to-use templates you can use immediately to:

    • Prioritise stakeholders and publics to engage with first

    • Create a powerful impact plan that will guarantee your research makes a difference without wasting your time

  • Learn how to track, evaluate and evidence impact, discovering time-efficient ways to keep track of impacts as they arise, design an impact evaluation that convincingly attributes impacts to your research 

  • Find out how to write a winning pathway to impact in a fellowship or grant proposal

  • Design and facilitate meetings and workshops with stakeholders and publics: discover tools that will empower you to deal with the most challenging situations and individuals and lead events that everyone enjoys

  • Build visibility and credibility for your research online. Understand the power and the pitfalls of using social media professionally, and find out how to become influential and drive research impacts online without risking your time or reputation

  • Learn how to get your research into policy, wherever you work in the world, by building trust, working with intermediaries and designing effective policy briefs 

What does our training include?


We spend time with you before we train to ensure our workshops is tailored to the needs of your group. Our training includes:

  • Prof Reed works with every group

  • Each participant gets both a hard copy of Prof Reed’s acclaimed 375 page Research Impact Handbook (RRP £24.99), and a handout pack 

  • Configure your training as a full-day event or as two individually bookable half-day events

  • Prof Reed provides support to all participants after the training. If they use our system, we guarantee a response within a week to all questions with no time limit and no restriction on the number of questions that can be asked

  • Everyone gets an email via the course organiser (including those who do not wish to share their email with us) with links to slides and a reminder about how to get support from Prof Reed

  • Everyone is also invited to join a free follow-up programme over five weeks, to apply what they have learned in their research. They can work through these steps themselves from the handbook, but by signing up to take these steps online, they get access to extra material. Each week consist of a 6 minute video with accompanying text and tasks.”

What does a typical day look like?

What are people saying about this course?

"The idea of planning for impact is particularly informative and gave me an insight into how I will engage with stakeholders." 


"I've learned how to be strategic [about impact] and ask myself self hard questions." 


"Managing my project in this way, identifying possible stakeholders and thinking of risks has never crossed my mind." 


"Its been really useful to structure my thinking about impact and plan for impact."


"I will be much more specific and measurable in impact parts of future grant applications"


“Sharing stories of success as well as failure was very inspiring.”


“The group discussion around what impact is, and the templates were very useful.”


“The best workshop I’ve been on this year”


"Wonderfully insightful, useful and energising."


Book now



Full day workshop for up to 30 people: £2800 + VAT


30 participants = £2800 + VAT (£93 + VAT per head – minimum order)

40 = £3100 + VAT (£78 + VAT per head)

50 = £3400 + VAT (£68 + VAT per head)

60 = £3700 + VAT (£62 + VAT per head)


For trainings in the UK and Ireland are no additional travel/accommodation charges, but for some overseas destinations we add a small surcharge to cover travel costs.

Read our Terms and Conditions.

We've trained >8000 researchers from >200 institutions in 55 countries:

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