Evernote Impact Training

Universities and funders increasingly require researchers to record evidence of their research impact, creating an additional administrative burden on already busy people. As a result, few researchers engage regularly with impact monitoring systems and important evidence may be lost.

Hassle-free research impact tracking: collect evidence easily on the go

Fast Track Impact have teamed up with Evernote to offer a quick and easy solution to collect evidence on the go in three simple steps:

  1. Just one member of your team needs to sign up for a paid Evernote account – the rest of your team can use the free version of the app or website, or just email impacts into your Evernote account.

  2. Start a new notebook, share the notebook with your team if they want to record impacts directly into the notebook in their own Evernote app (and anyone else who would like to have access to your impacts e.g. an administrator who is helping you input evidence to an institutional repository).

  3. Give your team your unique Evernote email address to send in notes, photos, recordings, documents, clipped webpages and other evidence of impact to be collated in your shared notebook.

Get even more out of your impact tracking data by downloading the Fast Track Impact Tracking template. Drop the Word file into your impact notebook in Evernote and revisit it regularly with your team to track your progress towards impact. Just double click on the template in Evernote to edit it in Word, save the changes, and they show up in Evernote where you and your team can instantly see how you are doing. Here's what it looks like with a worked example:

Why track impact with Evernote?

  • Increase your productivity and the productivity of your research team with the world’s leading productivity software.

  • Take the pain out of reporting by collecting evidence as you go. Have relevant material quickly to hand when you need to enter it into institutional repositories.

  • No need for your team to remember a new log-in or learn new skills; if you can send an email, you can keep track of your impacts. Team members don’t have to download the app, visit a website or even be online unless they want to.

  • To set up impact tracking in Evernote, you need to be an Evernote Plus user (see prices on the Evernote website), but your team members use the free version (which you can try out here). When you subscribe to Evernote through Fast Track Impact, you receive a £7 discount on The Research Impact Handbook by Mark Reed (RRP £24.99).

  • If you don’t like it, you can cancel your Evernote subscription for a full refund within two weeks, and keep the book discount voucher.

Watch this video to see how easy it is to use Evernote to track your research impacts on the go:

In addition to tracking the impact of your research, there are lots of other ways Evernote can save you time and help you get more organised:

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Note: You should not store data containing confidential information about research participants or other (e.g. commercial) data that you have contractually agreed to keep confidential on cloud storage systems based outside the EU if you want to be covered by EU data protection laws.


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