Fast Track Impact is moving all booked trainings online for the next few months in response to Coronavirus. Attending a well-run online course with colleagues is a great way to maintain morale, and inspire researchers to apply what they’ve learned as they work from home. 

Training courses

We run training for researchers from every discipline, from Ph.D. students to Professors, from departmental away days to cross-institution training days. We have trained >8000 researchers from >200 institutions in 55 countries and offer face-to-face training across the world from the UK to Australia. Our mission is to change the way researchers generate and share knowledge so that their ideas can change the world.
"When Prof Mark Reed came and did an impact workshop at the University recently, the transformative effect he had on the audience was wonderful to behold. I could almost see eyes lighting up and weights being lifted as he spoke. To many, ‘impact’ is an intimidating mountain they have been asked to climb, and a considerable number don’t feel that they have the necessary tools or map to do so. Reed was like an experienced guide at basecamp, handing out the crampons, the rope and the carabiners, sketching out the best route to the top, and then stepping back with arms thrown wide, inviting them to take the first steps."
Phil Ward,  Deputy Director of Research Services at University of Kent and award winning blogger at Research Fundermentals
Online Training courses
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As a full-time Professor at Newcastle University, Mark is only able to do a limited number of trainings per month, so training opportunities book up fast during the most popular periods. It is worth booking ahead to avoid disappointment.

Loved by researchers

  • As the only training run by researchers for researchers based on the latest research, our courses book to capacity in days and most have waiting lists

  • Researchers leave with time-efficient tools they can use immediately to achieve genuine and lasting impacts without having to work longer hours

Cutting-edge, evidence-based

  • Our training is based the latest research (including from our trainers in top academic journals). The course was funded and co-designed with the UK Research Councils to ensure relevance across all research fields. Our unique relational approach delivers significant, wide reaching and lasting impacts. 

  • Working across the sector puts us in a unique position to share intelligence and good practice on emerging strategies for developing and claiming impacts from other institutions

It works

Learning no-one will forget

  • All participants receive a copy of The Research Impact Handbook (375 pages, worth £24.99), a copy of the Fast Track Impact Magazine and a handout pack 

  • Free 5 week follow-up programme to help participants apply what they learn in their research. Each week consist of a video with text and tasks

  • Mark replies to emails from all participants after the training to trouble-shoot problems and help them generate impact

Who do we train?
  • Researchers at any career stage, from post-doctoral researchers to Professors

  • Researchers from any discipline, from arts and humanities to physical sciences

  • UK academics and “impact champions” for REF2021

  • REF2021 impact case study authors (see dedicated training on this)

  • International researchers developing and managing impact in Horizon 2020 projects and for other funders

  • R&D teams in businesses, consultancies and Government departments and agencies 

  • University senior management teams

  • Away days for departments or research groups

  • PhD students (see our training for graduate schools)

  • Research development teams, impact officers and other support staff (see our training for impact support staff)

  • Researchers applying for funding from the UK Global Challenges Research Fund (see our GCRF workshops)

What does our training include?

We spend time with you before we train to ensure our workshops are tailored to the needs of your group:

  • Prof Reed works with every group

  • A free copy for each participant of our acclaimed 375 page Research Impact Handbook based on the latest research (plus our magazine and work sheets) (RRP £24.99)

  • Configure your training as a full-day event or as two individually bookable half-day events (participants can attend either half or come for the full day)

  • A free 5 step follow-up programme over five weeks, so participants can apply what they have learned. They can work through these steps themselves from the handbook, but by signing up to take these steps online, they get access to extra material. Each step consist of a 6 minute video with accompanying text and tasks.

  • Unlimited ongoing email support from Prof Reed - as long as you use his system, he guarantees a response to all queries within a week



Full day workshop for up to 30 people: £2800 + VAT


30 participants = £2800 + VAT (£93 + VAT per head – minimum order)

40 = £3100 + VAT (£78 + VAT per head)

50 = £3400 + VAT (£68 + VAT per head)

60 = £3700 + VAT (£62 + VAT per head)


For trainings in the UK and Ireland are no additional travel/accommodation charges, but for some overseas destinations we add a small surcharge to cover travel costs.

Workshops for PhD students are only available as full day workshops and are delivered by Jenn Chubb. 


Contact us to arrange a call from Prof Reed to discuss how exactly the training can be adapted to meet your needs.


Read our Terms and Conditions.

What are people saying about our training?

A selection of quotes from feedback forms:

"The idea of planning for impact is particularly informative and gave me an insight into how I will engage with stakeholders." 

"A realistic and supportive approach that was sensitive to researchers values/motivations."

“The best workshop I’ve been on this year."

"This is the third or maybe fourth impact workshop I have attended and the first that I feel I have learned from."


"I've learned how to be strategic [about impact] and ask myself self hard questions." 


"Managing my project in this way, identifying possible stakeholders and thinking of risks has never crossed my mind." 


"Useful resources provided, and the follow-up emails are a great idea to ensure training is put into practice."


"Its been really useful to structure my thinking about impact and plan for impact."


"Fantastic handbook. Great, enthusiastic trainer. Thank you very much."


“I will look at “impact” from a broader prospective now, not just for REF.”

"Did what it said it would do in a concise and clear and accessible fashion. Constructive advice on case study was excellent."


“It was very well paced – changes in learning style throughout the day was useful.”


“Great practical tips.  Overall much to take away both theoretically and practically.”


“Have already begun to think about how I can include impact plans and planning in my research.”


“As someone with experience in this area, the course was very useful first to consolidate experiences but with enough new ideas/info to maintain my interest all day.”


“Thank you very much on the book. I will treasure it! Really enjoyed it.”


“Addition of handbook is very useful, especially tools to build impact into research from the outset i.e. stakeholder analysis for impact plan.”


“I’ve got a more professional perspective on research impact now.”


“I won’t just plan the research end points but plan for impact now.”


"Wonderfully insightful, useful and energising."

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