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Get your own experienced academic PA by the hour

Do you have a pile of receipts for expenses claims growing in the dark recesses of your desk?


Do you waste hours trying to organise meeting times and booking travel, and often end up spending a fortune booking your travel late?


Does formatting reference lists drive you crazy (you keep saying you'll move over to a reference manager one day)?


Are you beginning to realise that you'll never get the promotion that gets you a PA, or that you don't want the job that gets you the PA? 


In the business world, start-up companies with limited cash now regularly use virtual assistants (VAs) to help with their admin at rates that cost far less than employing someone in the UK on a part-time salary. Now Fast Track Impact are bringing VAs to the academic world. You don't have to wait till you get a promotion or grant that can justify employing a PA to help you. Even if you only have a couple of hours of work per week that you want to get rid of, or you have sporadic tasks every now and then, you can get help, and put your valuable time to better use. 



Tasks our PAs can take off your plate


  • Put your signed expenses form and receipts in the post to your PA and send the address you want it posted to. Your details are safe with us - provide them once and we'll add everything up, fill in the forms and post them for you every time

  • Send your travel needs to your PA and get options that meet your needs, whether it's keeping the cost low or spending as little time away from your family that matters. We will keep your payment details safe if you want us to do the bookings for you. Send us your itinerary and with access to your electronic calendar, your PA can put in all the details for you, including ticket collection references and locations to make sure you're never lost

  • Ask your PA to organise a meeting with people whom you're struggling to get to reply to an online poll or reply to email. Your PA can do the chasing, and set up the meeting for you

  • Ask your PA to recommend a good restaurant near your meeting venue to take your team for dinner, making sure that the restaurant is able to provide impressive options for those in your group with special dietary requirements

  • Ask your PA to set up research interviews for you

  • Our academic PAs are happy to proofread and format documents for you

  • They can even format reference lists - just give them the style that the publisher needs, and you'll only have to sort the more unusual ones yourself. If your book publisher wants all your boxes moved into separate files, you know whom to call

  • Lots of other things - if you're wondering whether our PAs could help with something a bit unusual, just drop us a line to discuss!


How it works


Key benefits:

  • Our UK-based academic PAs are experienced at working with academics

  • Personal details are kept on encrypted hard drives

  • You get a dedicated PA who will always work with you

  • All work is done at a flat rate of £20 per hour (inclusive of VAT)


There are three ways of working with our PAs:

  1. Fixed: Pay for a fixed amount of time per week, with unused time rolling over to the next week (minimum 2 hours per week)

  2. One-off: Pay for a set task based on the number of hours it takes, with a maximum number of hours set for the task negotiated on a task-by-task basis (we bill for less if we can do it faster)

  3. Flexible: Work with your PA as much as you need, and get an itemised bill monthly for the number of hours done


Discuss your needs with us now:





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